Attraktion! and Intamin Amusement Rides have created a leading edge attraction format with the Dome Ride Theater
This media-based attraction is the outcome of Attraktion!’s sophisticated know-how in respect of the creation of immersive 360 degrees attractions and Intamin’s expertise in building major thrilling attractions.
The Experience

The Dome Ride Theater® (patent pending) is one of the most advanced media based attraction genre nowadays. The attraction itself merges a full dome experience with a steel ride structure in which visitors are completely immersed in an captivating audio-visually themed environment. The center floor descends and the theater becomes a full sphere. During the ride, visitors sit in a seats’ ring platform that is rotating as well as tilting up to +/-30 degrees (total tilting angle: 60 degrees). Due to 26 concealed projectors, the full sphere ride experience is mindblowing since the audience is completely enveloped in seamless imagery. In fact, Dome Ride Theater creates the feeling of being part within this virtual world. Dome Ride Theater is suited for theme parks and other large visitor attractions.

The standard Dome Ride Theater size covers 80 seats in 2D. In addition the ring ride that is rotating and tilting can be equipped with additional special effects such as wind, vibration, water spray, neck blast. Stereoscopic, 3D can also be offered as option. Due to the immersivity of the experience, it is definitely not necessary.
Shaanxi LEWA City in Xian, China, is the destination where the first Dome Ride Theater will be installed in 2016. LEWA City is a huge leisure complex including a theme park, hotels, shopping mall, indoor snow park etc. Within this theme park, the Dome Ride Theater will be one out of two media based attractions. Besides Dome Ride Theater, a 600 Seat 4K 4D theater will also entertain guests.

Attraktion! is a specialized group of companies that is focused on the continual improvement and growth of its product & service portfolio, with a core focus on new attraction genres.

Attraktion! creates exceptional media-based experience products such as service robots, dome attractions, interactive games and exhibits etc. Moreover Attraktion! acts as turnkey provider developing attractions for the entertainment and leisure industry such as brandlands, amusement & theme parks, FECs, science centers and many more.

Intamin Amusement Rides is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of major amusement rides and attractions. The company offers the largest complementary line of products in the leisure industry. Moreover Intamin holds the market-leader position for most of its attractions. So far, Intamin has been awarded by IAAPA and many others for e.g. “Best New Ride“ and “Innovation in Technology“.

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